Managing Digitization Projects

Technical Workshop 2: How to Build a Digitization Project
June 22, 2021 | 11:00am PT, 2:00pm ET
Intermediate Level
Presenter: Lindsey Richardson, Owner, Museum Person


Description: Now that you know why, how: How do you plan a successful project, where do you start, how do you identify priorities? What should you include? Should you digitize in-house or use a vendor?  What are your short- and long-term goals and considerations? Tech workshop 3 in the Managing Digitization Projects module will address these questions and offer tips for digitization project managers as they get started.

Registration closes at 11:59pm PT on June 21st.
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Lindsey Richardson has more than 20 years’ experience working with museum collections in all kinds of museum settings, including history, art, university, municipal, historic house and children’s museums. She has planned and implemented major collections projects involving digitization, cataloguing, moving to other locations, deaccessions, inventory and rehousing, as well as written grants to fund those projects. Lindsey also consults with museums about strategic planning, collections and digital collections assessments, grant-writing and interpretive projects such as exhibits or object-based programs. She has anthropology degrees from Harvard and Oxford, and has worked with museums on three continents. To learn more please visit her website:




Sessions and Workshops in Module 3: Managing Digitization Projects

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Session 1

 Managing Digitization Projects: Get Inspired 

Beginner Level: Thinking about tackling a digitization project? Not sure where to begin? Join this introductory session to hear from museum staff who successfully conceptualized, planned and implemented projects to expand the online presence of collections. 

Presenters: Ann Stegina, Anchorage Museum, Anchorage, Alaska; Carolyne Hart, South Dakota Art Museum, Brookings, South Dakota; and Taylor McKewon, South Dakota Art Museum, Brookings, South Dakota


Dr. Rhonda Jones wears a pink blazer and a colorful necklace. She stands in front of a cream-colored background and looks off to the side as she smiles.

TEch Workshop 1

Digitization Strategy and Purposes

Beginner Level: The first technical workshop in our June series will address the “why” and “who” of collections digitization projects – why your digitization project matters and to whom; the importance of defining your digital collection project’s purpose, audience, and interfaces.

Presenter: Dr. Rhonda D. Jones, The University of North Carolina-Greensboro

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TEch Workshop 2

 How to Manage a Digitization Project

Intermediate Level: Now that you know why, how: How do you plan a successful project, where do you start, how do you identify priorities? What should you include? Should you digitize in-house or use a vendor?

Presenter: Lindsey Richardson, Museum Person

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Tech Workshop 3

Imaging Standards and Logistics in Digitization Projects

Advanced Level: Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of how to work with the resources you have to achieve your digitization goals. During Tech Workshop 3, we’ll take a look at equipment and space setups, etc. 

Presenter: Elizabeth Chiang, George Eastman Museum