About the Hub

The Hub was created as part of the Digital Empowerment for Small Museums Project, which focused on providing capacity-building programs and resources in the areas of digital media and technology for small museums.




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What is it?

The Museum Learning Hub began as a nationwide initiative organized by the six U.S. regional museum associations and dedicated to providing free, self-paced training resources for small museums. The inaugural series of online trainings and resource toolkits focused on digital media and technology topics and was made possible by the Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant for Museums award MG-248568-OMS-20.


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Why now?

Initially created as part of the Digital Empowerment – Technology and Digital Media Training for Small Museums Project, training programs and resources on the Hub support small museums seeking to overcome barriers to audience engagement and educational program delivery in a post-pandemic environment. The resources available on the Museum Learning Hub address a range of topics, from diversity and inclusion to best practices to program and exhibition planning.


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Download and explore digital resource toolkits on a range of technology topics.



Learning Modules

Each module contains four training sessions that range from beginner to expert levels.