Module 2 | Live Streaming

Technical Workshop 2: Audience Participation in Live Streamed Programs

May 20, 2021 | 11:00am PT, 2:00pm ET
Intermediate Level
Presenter: Alex Freeman, Texas Association of Museums
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Description: The second workshop in Module 2 will address technologies and tools that enhance audience participation and interaction in live streamed programming. Learn more about when and how live stream features such as chats and breakout rooms can be used alone or in combination with other available online tools to provide a participatory virtual experience. Gather best practices and tips for live audience participation (with or without audio and video) and how to manage the logistics of interactive live-streamed programs and events.




Alex Freeman
Executive Director
Texas Association of Museums, Austin, TX


Alex Freeman is the Executive Director of the Texas Association of Museums. Since 2012, Freeman’s work has focused on how new technologies impact teaching and learning in formal and informal learning spaces. Prior to TAM, he served nearly 6 years at the New Media Consortium in a variety of capacities. At the NMC, Freeman served as the Senior Director of Membership and Special Projects where he managed membership services, produced online professional development programs, and was a co-author and researcher for the NMC Horizon Report series, which analyzed technology uptake across global museums, higher education, K-12 education, and a few other sectors and regions. Prior to the NMC, he was the Education Director at Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin and Education Curator at Artpace San Antonio.


Sessions and Workshops in Module 2: Live Streaming for Museums

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Intro Session:
Get Inspired

Live Streaming: Get Inspired

Beginner Level: Seeking inspiration to tackle a live streamed event or virtual tour? Join this introductory session to hear from museum staff who successfully developed live virtual programs, tours, and events with small budgets and basic technology tools. 

Technical Workshop 1

Introduction to Live Streaming

Beginner Level: The first workshop in Module 2: Live Streaming will focus on tools, technologies, and tips for one-way live streamed broadcasts and will lay the groundwork for more complicated streaming needs and audience interaction.

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TEchnical Workshop 2

 Audience Participation in Live Streaming

Intermediate Level: The second workshop in Module 2 will address technologies and tools that enhance audience participation and interaction in live streamed programming. 

Technical Workshop 3

Live Streaming with Multi-Source Content

Advanced Level: This workshop will be a deep dive into streaming virtual tours and events using multi-source content. Learn tools to manage multi-layered presentations using live production studio software to combine pre-recorded media and live presenters, including sign language interpreters.