Module 10 | Digitizing 3D Collections for Museums

Technical Workshop 1: How to Use Digital Assets for Documentation, Promotion, and Programs

Beginner Level
Presenters: Roz McNulty, CLO 3D Designer, Consultant and Online course teacher,, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Description: Last year, the world art museums dropped 77% in attendance. At most one can see 5% of a fashion collection in a museum display and it can take years to see a specific piece. This fact should remind us we need alternatives and that we can show the world our collection if we can get it on a digital platform. Documenting historical fashion with existing softwares has been my passion and in the last year we have created a VR Fashion Museum. The Fashion Innovation Centre is creating valuable documentation of museum assets for the future. Involving students, business and community to create the digital assets. This is a new alternative  of showing these garments or other historical assets in Virtual Reality, mobile and Augmented Reality. Once you have those assets you can use them in multiple ways for promotion, documentation and even schooling. Eventually, in the future these same people, will come to the museums again to see the real thing. 

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Download Module 10 Digital Toolkit (Word version)

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Roz McNulty, CLO Designer
Consultant and Online Course Teacher, Vancouver, Canada
Roz McNulty did her first illustration of clothing on a computer in 1983. Always a bit ahead of the curve in terms of VR, AR, digital photography and even 360 photography. Roz is a talent and teacher in the digital apparel profession. Teaching CLO 3D online at Roz does consulting for private clients that want ‘digital doubles,’ promotional video and information on the world of 3D apparel. Roz spoke at the Electronic Visualization and Arts conference 2019 about the importance of 3D archiving for costumes using 3D apparel software. She is a past president of the local historical fashion museum and does historical fashion photography for published catalogs and web pages. Roz has developed a beta version of a VR museum of historical fashion for the Oculus headset, Roz’s passion is historical fashion – in 3D.


Sessions and Workshops in Module 10: Digitizing 3D Collections for Museums

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 Intro Session: Get Inspired for Digitizing 3D Collections

Beginner Level: Tune in for the Module 10 introductory session to hear how one small museum (with an equally small staff) tackled digitization of its collections in a big way! 

Presenters: Daniela Larsen, Executive Director, Hutchings Museum Institute, Utah


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TEch Workshop 1

How to Use Digital Assets for Documentation, Promotion, and Programs

Beginner Level: Learn how you can use digital assets in multiple ways for promotion, documentation and even schooling. 

Presenter: Roz McNulty, CLO 3D Designer, Consultant and Online course teacher,, Vancouver, Canada

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Tech Workshop 2

Image-based Approaches to 3D Collections

Intermediate Level: This session will provide an overview of photography- based approaches to documenting, sharing, and digitally archiving 3D collections. 

Presenter: Carla Schroer and Marlin Lum, Cultural Heritage Imaging, San Francisco, California

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TEch Workshop 3

3D Data Applications in Cultural Heritage

Advanced Level: This webinar will review projects that cover a broad range of Cultural Heritage applications for 3D data. 3D Digitization offers a myriad of uses and technical choices. 

Presenter: Harry Abramson, Direct Dimensions, Owings Mills, Maryland