Questions and answers posed to Luke Mehaffie in Technical Training Session #1

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        Question: Can you talk more about the purpose of the mixer?

        Answer: (from Luke) Assuming this is for audio, the mixer allows for multiple audio sources to be blended together evenly (for example, if you had two separate mics for two separate subjects and needed their audio levels to match, a mixer would help achieve this).

        Question: Pacing of the video, comments on scene timing? How often should you be cutting to another view?

        Answer: (from Luke) This is a GREAT question! If you are shooting a video that you KNOW is going to be very fast-paced, you can take shorter clips (because you’ll only be using a second or less of each). If you know a video is going to have longer transitions and slower movement, then naturally, the shot can be longer and smoother. I generally like to edit to the beat of a song, if I have the chance, but pacing out clips in the editing room is truly an art form!

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