January 27th: Technical Workshop 3: Data Applications in Cultural Heritage

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      Presenters: Harry Abramson, Direct Dimensions, Owings Mills, Maryland

      While 3D digitization projects can certainly add to your organization’s offerings, it is important to define whether 3D digitization technology meets your museum’s goals and applicability, as well as the resources you are able to dedicate to such projects.

      Digital Archiving of Physical Objects
      Ghost (1990), Rachel Whiteread | National Gallery of Art

      Online Collections
      British Museum | SketchFab
      Diplomatic Reception Rooms Virtual Tour | State Department
      Byzantine Seals | Dumbarton Oaks
      – Tools and frameworks available
      SketchFab – Free to low cost, universally accessible, and robust
      3DHeritage Online Presenter (3DHOP)
      Voyager (offered by the Smithsonian)

      Open Source Distribution
      Neil Armstrong Space Suit | Smithsonian Open Access

      Object Provenance, Process Research, and Analysis
      Back I, II, III, and IV (1900s), Henri Matisse | MoMA; The Art Institute of Chicago – Plaster casts that were each scanned at a high resolution and then visitors to an online exhibit were able to compare these scans.

      Digital Restoration
      Portrait Statue of Caligula | Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
      Macedonian Monument | United States Naval Academy
      – Deerfield Soldier (PDF)

      Mounts and Crate Design
      White Negress (1923), Constantin Brancusi | Philadelphia Museum of Art
      Recommended Reading: Wachowiak, M.J., and Karas, B.V. (2009). 3D Scanning and Replication for Museum and Cultural Heritage Applications. JAIC 48: 141-158.

      Immersive Display AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality)
      – Metaverse – Artist Terry Kilby scans the now-removed Robert E. Lee Monument
      – SketchFab
      – 3DHOP
      – Voyager

      Exhibition Copies
      Mace of the Republic | House of Representatives – Scanned using a FARO Laser Scan Arm (https://www.faro.com/en)
      – Assyrian Relief | British Museum – This particular example is actually done by a regular visitor to the museum, which might give insight into the plausibility to do these kinds of projects.

      Promotions, Engagement, Product Development
      – Amun Re | Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania
      Neil Armstrong Space Suit | Smithsonian Open Access

      – Native American Projectile Points


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