January 13th Toolkit: Technical Workshop 1: How to Use Digital Assets

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        Presenter: Roz McNulty, CLO 3D Designer, Consultant, and Online Course Teacher, MOTIF.org, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

        Fashion Innovation Centre | VR Fashion Museum
        LinkedIn: Roz McNulty

        CLO | 3D Fashion Design Software
        – 3DLOOK | Virtual try-on
        Shape Spark | Virtual exhibitions and museums (starting at $19/month)
        Sketchfab | VR & 3D for Cultural Heritage (basic plan starts at $0 with 10 uploads per month)

        Motif, provides online courses and events related to apparel

        Museums Online
        We Wear Culture | Google
        The Queen and The Crown at the Brooklyn Museum
        – Fashion Innovation Centre | VR Fashion Museum
        Cuseum App – This app available on the Apple Store provides an example of what at-home AR experiences look like.
        – Smithsonian | 3D Digitization

        Helpful Articles
        – Museum Next | How Are Museums Putting the AR in Arts and Culture, Manuel Charr (06 March 2021) – This article discusses the slow transition into AR experiences, and specifically contactless platforms within the museum, especially in light of the pandemic. One example that Charr mentions is the art exhibit, Interplay: Art Play for All at the Akron Art Museum in Ohio. Here, visitors were able to scan a QR code next to pieces of art in order to interact with them digitally.
        – Museum Next | How Museums are using Augmented Reality, Charlotte Coates (17 July 2021) – This article describes more about AR experiences within museums, using a smartphone or a tablet, and/or an app.
        – Beaconstac | QR Codes for Museums: Improve Visitor Experience, Apoorva Hegde (last updated 7 December 2021) – This article talks about the use of QR codes in museums.
        QR code generators are free online but more consolidated workflows for multiple codes may have some pricing. Here is just one of many QR code generators: Flowcode
        – Aniwaa | 3D printing and 3D scanning for archaeology and museums (last updated 5 August 2021) – While the presentation didn’t mention 3D printing, this article can be useful in learning about 3D scanning for archival purposes in archaeological collections but can help inform historical collections as well!

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          Thanks a lot for sharing it with us, and I also agree with this.
          Well, You can effectively manage and leverage your digital assets by adhering to some general guidelines, such as organizing your assets, storing them in a secure manner, retrieving them when required, ensuring that proper usage rights are in place, and considering the use of digital asset management (DAM) software.

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