Digital Accessibility and Inclusion

On the left, Sina Bahram wears a black suit jacket and blue shirt and smiles at the camera as he stands on a sidewalk; on the right, Corey Timpson also wears a dark suit jacket and blue shirt. He stands in a museum setting.

Technical Workshop 1: Intro to Digital Accessibility and Inclusion
April 15, 2021 | 11:00am PT, 2:00pm ET
Beginner Level
Presenters: Sina Bahram and Corey Timpson, Prime Access Consulting

Description: The first workshop in the Digital Accessibility and Inclusion module will be an introduction to best practices for a wide range of digital projects including web and social media. Instructors will offer practical advice, tips and tricks for small museums who wish to identify areas for improvement in existing projects and/or implement inclusive and accessible design standards from the start.




This session is part 2 of 4 in Digital Accessibilty and Inclusion

In Digital Accessibility and Inclusion you’ll learn how to reach all audiences through usability and design of digital programs and exhibits as well as social pages and websites. Learn best practices and receive technical training in website accessibility on a budget, how to set up live captioning, incorporating visitor needs in digital collections, and more. Your instructors have all faced their own challenges in becoming more inclusive and accessible. Hear how they have overcome them, as well as how they selected the technologies/platforms they used. And don’t forget to ask them questions!

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Technical Workshop 1: Intro to Digital Accessibility and Inclusion
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